Professional Photography and Video

Make Your Home Stand ABOVE the Rest with Professional Photographs and Video

Just a few awards I've won as a top producing real estate agent.
Now that every real estate agent walks around with a camera — their phone — they suddenly think they’re professional photographers.

They’re NOT!

The Internet is littered with thousands of sub-standard images of homes. Poor lighting, lousy angles, cluttered rooms.

To put your home in the absolute BEST light, you need a professional photographer. Soon after you select me as your real estate agent, I call one of the best photographers and videographers in Middle Tennessee.

My photographer pays attention to EVERYTHING.
  • First, staging each room so it maximizes the beauty and size of the room.
  • Next, taking pictures from multiple angles.
  • Plus, using the right lenses that turn average homes into works of art!
We will get 20-25 professional shots of your home. Plus, we can also do professional video and even set it to music. Your home will look like it’s out of a magazine!

Finally, far beyond the typical MLS listing, these beautiful images will be strategically placed throughout the Internet to maximize visibility of your home. Including your very OWN dedicated website!